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Where Smarts Meets Confidence!                                                                    

Beauty pageants are widely popular for providing a platform for young girls and women to express their beauty and qualities such as self-esteem and social skills. While maintaining the aesthetics of a traditional pageant, the Brains & Beauty team decided to add an educational component. Our contestants will have the opportunity to compete in "dual" categories, beauty and academic, as well as titleholders receiving dual prizes. Parent company Feli Kiwi not only believes in showcasing beauty talents, but intellectual talents as well!
Stay tuned as we prepare to put on a spectacular production in the near future. We appreciate you all taking this journey with us as we take pride in this collective endeavor in giving you nothing short of excellence!

Lala Johnson
Pageant Director |Fashion Designer | Supermom

Serving on both sides of the fence, Lala is not only qualified, but uber excited to share this amazing experience with New York's cream of the crop, our trailblazing Young Ladies! Lala's pageant career started off as a concurrent Miss Teen New York judge. Along with making new connections and gaining worthy insight, Lala applied these golden nuggets to her everexpanding network and was able to afford her daughter the same privilege, which led to the birth of Brains & Beauty. Lala also served on various executive boards in local schools where she coordinated diverse events and executed agendas, garnering several service awards along the way, so she's quite familiar with the dynamics of parent-student-community worker relationships. Today, the Brains & Beauty team provides a platform for young girls to express their beauty chops and smarts with some cool prizes to go along with!  

Eve Ashley
Pageant Assistant Director | Event Planner | Supermom
With a day job dedicated to children and event planning in her blood, Eve is right at home as Brains & Beauty Pageant Partner!

You can apply if you're between the ages of 8-13. You must also be a NYS school student with a 75%+ grade average. In order to register for Brains & Beauty Pageant, you can apply online or by catching up with us at an event!

Parents/Guardians or Account Holders must sign Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page and make a minimum payment of $50 below, via phone 929.224.4545 or by mail: Feli Kiwi, P.O. Box 80003, Brooklyn, NY 11208. We accept checks and money orders.

Once you've become a registered Contestant, it's time to roll up your sleeves and have fun! You would have already submitted an application, made a payment, initialed Terms and Conditions and received your first infochure packed with valuable information! RSVP to attend the Partner Brunch Mixer and MeetnSweet to network with fellow contestants, panel judges and event sponsors! Gear up and get ready for a unique experience! We'll see you at Brains & Beauty!

Brains &  Beauty Pageant is delighted to partner with organizations/individuals of all levels, from start up to established businesses! RSVP to attend the Partner Brunch Mixer and network with pageant families, panel judges and fellow sponsors! Let's talk about how we can help you reach your marketing goals!


Terms and Conditions

Please Note: Investment fee is $200. Any and all paid fees are NONREFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Dates and times, Terms and Conditions are subject to change. 

"Applicant" is the individual not registered, but submitted an application to participate in pageant activities.
"Contestant" is the individual registered to participate in pageant activities.
"Parent/Guardian" or "Account Holder" is the individual registering Applicant.

The Applicant must be a NYS student in the 3rd-8th grade with a 75%+ grade average. The Princess Applicant must be category age (8-10) by January 1, 2019. The Diva Applicant must be category age (11-13) by January 1, 2019. 

ALL pageant fees must be paid in full by pageant date in order for Contestant to participate during pageant weekend.

Inappropriate dressing during Competition Categories is prohibited. Princess Contestants will not be allowed to wear makeup nor colored eye contacts. Formal Wear and Ed-terview competition ensemble includes sleeveless (Ed-terview shoulders covered) or tops with sleeves, no strapless, no midriffs, bottoms no more than 1 inch above the knees, kitten or 2-inch heels or flats allowed.
Diva Contestants are allowed to wear minimal makeup and no colored eye contacts. Formal Wear and Ed-terview competition ensemble includes sleeveless (Ed-erview shoulders covered) or tops with sleeves, strapless allowed (Ed-terview shoulders covered), no midriffs, bottoms no more than 4 inches above the knees, no stilettos.
The Dance Routine ensemble includes the Brains & Beauty t-shirt (provided by staff), BLACK leggings (Contestant responsibility) and BLACK sneakers (Contestant responsibility). Leggings and footwear must be free of other colors, visible markings, tags, etc.
Please be on time for all pageant activities. If any changes are made during the current tentative schedule, Parent/Guardian will be notified immediately.

All Contestants and Parents/Guardians are expected to behave in a civil, respectful manner and follow all Terms and Conditions at all times; any behavior otherwise is prohibited. Brains & Beauty staff will use their judgment and discretion if Contestants and/or Parents/Guardians are caught behaving in a prohibited manner.

 I, Parent/Guardian or Account Holder, agree to all Terms and Conditions by entering my full name here. I understand that I will not be in agreement if I do not sign with my full name and therefore will not be able to continue the application process. 
I understand that the Contestant will be disqualified from all pageant activities if any of the Terms and Conditions are not followed.
My full name is equivalent to an electronic signature.


Here's A Little More..

Hello Young Ladies, Parents and Guardians!
Welcome to the registration process!
Upon submitting your application here, you'll receive the first infochure of 3 (in email format) that will include:

1) Brains & Beauty Pageant and parent company bio
2) Pageant Fees
3) Categories, Optionals, Add-ons + Prizes
4) Schedule Criteria
5) Sponsorship and Advertisement Opportunities 
6) Photo/Video Opt-out Form
7) Terms and Conditions

In order to be registered, the parent/guardian or Account Holder must submit an application with a minimum payment of $50 and sign the Terms and Conditions.Once these 3 requirements are met, your Young Lady will become an official 
2018 Brains & Beauty Pageant Contestant of the Princess Division
(ages 8-10) 
2018 Brains & Beauty Pageant Contestant of the Diva Division (ages 11-13)!
*Although your investment fee in your Young Lady is $200, our EBS of 10% off lowers your cost!
Just to give you a headstart, you're eligible for our Early Bird Special!
Call now, pay online or mail your first payment and be on your way to adding to your resume, making new friends, and creating memories!

Mail payments and correspondence to:
 Feli Kiwi
P.O. Box 80003
Brooklyn, NY 11208
We accept checks, money orders made payable to Feli Kiwi 
For correspondence please no
P.O. Boxes, AFOs/APOs
Call: 929.224.4545

Thank-you for choosing us to be a part of your experience!
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please Note: Any and all paid fees are NONREFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Your application counts as an email subscription (for your privacy, we only email pageant-related content and birthday shoutouts). Applicant must be a NYS student with a 75%+ grade average. Parents/Guardians must read and sign Terms and Conditions above before continuing the application process.

*Savings Plans:

Early Bird Special | Receive 10% off your investment fee!

Pioneer Parent | Receive 2% off your investment fee when you attend partner events like our upcoming Partner Brunch Mixers and MeetnSweet. Meet sponsors, panel judges and team members at our PBMs and meet fellow pageant families at our MnS. RSVP today for our PBMs and MnS!

Referral | Receive 2% off your investment fee when your referred applicant registers!

Contestant Sponsor | Discounts are up to the pageant family! The more sponsors you secure, the lower your investment fee gets! Not to mention, your Young Lady learns public relations and marketing skills, plus a Top Sponsorship Award for being fully sponsored! It's a win-win situation!

Click here to apply!

Click here to become a pageant sponsor!

Payment Amount

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