Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Superb Savings

The holiday season is finally here and folks are searching for deep sales and reasonable, beyond reasonable prices. I know because I'm one of them. Having said that, it's a little difficult for the indie market because our products are handmade. For the most part, we indie designers don't have warehouses filled with merchandise. For example, my company practices made-to-order with most of our items. That means whatever you may purchase gets that much love and work put into it; you get a custom-fitted product.
We are aware of the economy and although none of us want to fall victim to it, that can't be helped. Handmade work is worth quite a bit, but Feli Kiwi is sensitive to the current situation because we're apart of it. 
We are promoting ongoing sales on the site that you'll enjoy, especially for the quality and care we offer that you're unlikely to find with major retailers. Along with Feli Kiwi (because we don't deserve all the glory), there are other indie designers who are offering deals for the holidays or other theme promotions.

You've got Lolliepop Collection that recycles fabric goods, turning them into unique, eco-friendly pieces. They're currently holding sample sales for their line.
Anna Paola is especially special for the simple fact that she creates the shoe you design with her help! She's Italian, so you know you're getting a bad pair of shoes (no pun intended). Her second online shop consists of handmade jewelry and handpainted tops and accessories!
Che Woo features edgy, handmade urban designs that are affordable and wearable for everyday. They also offer various marketing services that many of us could utilize.
You want classic style with a touch of flare? Luxurious fabrication and sexy silhouettes? You want Washington Roberts! Check his sites and see for yourself!

And finally Feli Kiwi. For those who don't already know, we're a trend setting fashion company known for upscale sportswear. We're currently running different promotions and sales and we write an e-newsletter every two months to elaborate on the goings on at Feli Kiwi, which customers and visitors can sign up to receive. We also offer supreme styling services, promoting our holiday packages at unbeatable prices! On top of that, customers receive free gifts when they make purchases at our sister stores! At our general store, a Pet Collection purchase gets you a free gift for your pet pooch!

There you have it. With this list of sought after original designs, you can't go wrong!

*The first image is the Tranquil scarf and change purse set on sale for $44.80.
*The second image is the Suede scarf and change purse set on sale for $25.60. 


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