Saturday, October 14, 2017

Brains & Beauty Pageant Intro Rate..

We are so excited to announce our new introductory rate for our incoming contestants! We know you shouldn't have to break your pockets to give your baby girl the experience of a lifetime so we decided to work with our parents and lighten the load a bit. 
How does $200 sound? We figured you'd like that!
Tell your sister tell a friend tell those who'll listen to join the experience because Brains & Beauty is willing to work with you! Apply now on our pageant page and open the door to your epic journey! 
No worries, we'll be rolling out some more goodies as we get closer to the much-anticipated pageant weekend! As we say, stay tuned..
Remember to vote for your *college venue of choice!
And catch the Early Bird Special!

*Colleges listed on pageant page.

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